Our Hearts Are With You


This is a place of healing, discussion and righteous anger about what took place in our state and in our churches over the battle for gay equality and rights.

Many of us, who would call ourselves Christians, are ashamed at what took place in the name of God over the last six months. The deceptive ads, manipulative speeches and the shameless and judgmental campaign against a group of people identified solely by their sexual identity was wrong.

With the official passing of Proposition 8, this is not a time for celebration, but a time for mourning, healing and re-imagining what our churches would look like if we truly took the words love, grace and hope seriously. No longer will we allow others to speak for our Christian beliefs, but instead, our voice of Christian dissent must be heard. The text is simple and seeks to be honest about what happened and to allow healing to begin to take place:

” As a Christian, I am sorry for the narrow-minded, judgmental, deceptive, manipulative actions of those who took away the rights & equality of so many in the name of God. Our hearts are with you. Christianity For All.”

Let your voice be heard by posting these words on your blog, on your homepage, in your windows, in your city… anywhere that you may deem appropriate. Let America hear a new Christian perspective, and let the words “OUR HEARTS ARE WITH YOU” begin to bring healing to all that are loved of God.

Here is how:

1) Donate your facebook / myspace / whatever profile picture to this “Our hearts are with you graphic by following the instructions below.
2) Send this out to all of your friends, and lets help carry a new voice of Christianity to America.
3) Continue dialogue and discussion about this topic
4) Let your LGBT friends and LGBT supporters know that you, as a christian, are willing to stand up for their rights and equality.

2 Responses to “Our Hearts Are With You”

  1. Fred Says:


    Proposition 8 adds the following statement to the California constitution: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California”. Proposition 8 DOES NOT do anything else. It does not remove, change, limit, or modify in any way the 2003 passage of AB 205 “The California Domestic Partner Rights and Responsibilities Act ” which establishes the same benefits (such as tax benefits) to domestic partnerships (A.K.A. civil unions) as married couples. Thus, your claim that Proposition 8 somehow limits a same sex couples rights and benefits under their domestic partnership is wholly false.

    All Proposition 8 does is define that the word “marriage” only pertains to a union of man and woman. Civil unions and domestic partnerships are still able to exist and function in the same manner they have been. This is a simple issue of semantics. Equality is already established for same sex couples under civil unions and domestic partnerships. Calling it Marriage does not enhance, in any way, the couples legal standing in the state of California. Religious groups, specifically Christians, consider the word “marriage” to be biblical and that the union itself is a gift and commitment from and with God.

    Indeed many Christians and Christian Church’s show little or no love or grace towards gay people. Christians are called to share God’s love, grace and truth with all people, even sinners (such as prostitutes and thieves). I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “love the sinner, not the sin”. However, Christians are not called to endorse or condone these various acts of sin (including homosexuality) and therein lies the rub. For according to the Christian Bible, if a Christian were to support gay marriage, they would in fact be supporting and thus endorsing homosexual behavior. And as I’m sure you’re aware, the Christian bible describes homosexual behavior as wrong and immoral.

    In our country, there are various social, political, and religious groups that do not necessarily agree with each other yet they tolerate each other because that is what a democracy is all about. For example, Republicans and Democrats differ on policies and methods of governance. Jews and Catholics disagree on the subject of Jesus and the New Testament. But none of these groups are trying to force the other group to accept what they see as correct (In reality, democrats and republicans must work together even if they don’t like it!). Why then, does the gay community feel it must force those who are not gay to not just tolerate them, but accept them and indeed endorse and support them?

    Why is it that civil unions and domestic partnerships, which provide the same legal status to gay couples as non-gay couples in the state of California, is not enough? Why is the gay community trying to reach beyond tolerance to try and force acceptance and support? A democracy is about finding a balance of tolerance between the many diverse groups in a society. The moment one group attempts to enforce its views on another, that balance is thrown off.

    It appears to me that your true gripe is with the established Christian Church and it’s behavior towards gay people.

  2. Jerilyn McKinney Says:

    Fred, those are great questions. Let ask some more though and you may find yourself answering your own questions. Why is it the the church felt it need to add those words to the constitution and not just keeping it to the church’s definition of marriage? And then why did they use the words valid or recognized in there sentence? Also, why as a christian would you be willing to support civil union and not marriage? If they truly do offer the same benefits, then then your stance seems contradictory. You will tolerate civil union but not marriage because they are spelled differently? Lastly how do you see God saying that homosexuality is a sin, from where is stand and the theologians I’ve read say that manipulative power and irresponsible squandering of our bodies are a sin. If you choose to stand on a few verses that some theologians use to stand against homosexuality, then how do you know they are “right?” There were many theologians that stood up and said slavery was right because it was in the bible, since almost the beginning of time in fact. There were many theologians that stood up and said the crusades were right because it was ordained by scriptures. Then there were those who said, for thousands of years, that women were simply property, sub human in a way, and they used scripture to back that up too. How do you, as a christian who looks back on their religion, tread lightly on the issue of knowing what God thinks is right and wrong?

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