A Movement Of Grace


Thanks to everyone who has already joined us and donated their profile picture to our movement. If you haven’t already donated your profile picture, we ask that you consider doing so.

The purpose behind this group is to allow a new voice of Christianity to be heard. The voice that has been speaking on behalf of us has caused a lot of hurt, segregation and exclusion to many of our friends, family members and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

The language is strong… but the message is from a place of honesty and love. Some have said that this message only divides us more from those that may have voted “YES” on prop 8, and while that divide is significant; there is a much greater divide between Christians and the outcast LGBT man or woman and the LGBT supporter.

This movement seeks to close that divide and speak with a new voice to those that have been excluded by our “collective” faith.

I encourage you to send this out to as many people you know… and let your voice be heard. Only through this type of discourse can we begin to speak with a new voice.



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