From Mark…


As a straight, Agnostic, male, I commend Mission Gathering Christian Church for having the courage to call it like they see it. I wondered if there were any Christians at all who felt it was inappropriate at the very least to write discrimination into our state constitution. In a time when marriage is on the verge of becoming an impractical and archaic institution, it baffles me that there are those who want to deny people even the remote chance of achieving marital bliss on the grounds that same-sex marriage devalues their precious institution. Well, that institution is proving itself to be not so precious. We heterosexuals are doing a very good job of devaluing marriage and don’t need anyone’s help. Prop. 8 proponents called on people to “protect marriage”. They are fighting the wrong enemy. After all, who can save us from ourselves? Maybe the LGBT community is the true protector of marriage. Maybe they can show us how to do it right and make it work.

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