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Apology Billboard Makes Appearance at SD Pride 2009

July 21, 2009

For the 2009 San Diego Pride Parade, we decided to bring the apology billboard back for another appearance.  The theme for this year’s pride was “Activism For Equality.”  We thought that showcasing our billboard response to Prop 8 from last fall would be a great way to demonstrate our activism and support of the LGBT community while reminding people of our firm belief and message that God’s greace is available for all people.  As was the case when the actual billboard went up, people have taken pictures of the float, posted them, and have stirred more dialogue.  Check out the two sites we’ve found so far:

joemygod blog – lots of comments & discussion

SoCal Muchacha blog – photo with cool caption – great thread of comments, especially about us redefining “church”

Let us know if you find any others, and we’ll keep updating the list!